Question?-Fear Of Dying Available 8/30/11 on ITUNES!

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Finally finished with this project. Nearly 8 months of hard work …along with my homie Harold “Hits” Tolbert (@justsayhits) who produced it (with help from cooley, Pocket, & Albear from DEAD BROKE) and my man VERSE THE INK, who is co-starring here as my lead vocalist on most the songs…IT is done…..the sound is “Specific” and the content is mostly personal. BUT I HAD TO MAKE THIS ALBUM

other than Eddie B…THERE IS NO FEATURES ON THIS. I felt i had too much to say and get off my chest (apologies to my fellow artists who showed interest on appearing-had to do this one alone)

I’m Proud of it….Proud of what it means to me.

whether this moves 10,000 copies or just 1…i am satisfied with it.

1. High Hopes
2.The Beast In Me
3. Facts Of Life (Feat. Verse)
4. C.M.F.A
5. Stairway 2 Heaven
6. Here I Go Again (Feat Verse)
7. Love or Lust (Feat Verse)
8. Psycho
9. I’ll Be There
10. Which Way Should I Go
11. Something More (Old Thang Back II)
12. Sweet Dreams
13. Fear Of Dying (feat Verse)
14. Monte Carlo Music (part 2)
15. I Told Ya’ll (feat Verse)
16. Do it Big
17. What are We Fightin For (Feat Verse)
18. Clean and Sober (Feat Eddie B)
19. We Salute You (Feat Verse)
20. Live it Up Tonight
21. Superman is Dead (Feat Eddie B)
*22. That Smell (Live Dead Broke Version)

Rick Ross Is responsible for Saving Hip Hop?? (Just A Theory)

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Before you guys Start in With the “What the Fuck you On?” and “Get the fuck out of here” Sentiments, Please allow me to explain this in Detail.
Rick Ross’s Music did not save Hip Hop nor did He Intentionally set out to save Hip Hop. Now, Not to say i dont enjoy his music..under the right circumstances, his music is actually enjoyable. I think He makes High Quality Gangsta Rap music. I can Appreciate the Over Hype and sensationalism in the content and the celebration of the Good life aquired through Hustling in the streets. It’s Great…But Again, this has nothing to do with why i think he saved HIP HOP, and i wont even begin to get into the Issues of Validity on whether he really lived that Life he boasts about.

When the Story broke about about William Roberts, Aka RICK ROSS being a prison guard, it wasn’t met with too much more than a “So the Drug Kingpin was a C.O?”. It wasn’t until he Vehmently denied the allegations and it was Later verified he was, that he was lambasted by every one under the sun, but too his credit he weathered the storm.(even fighting off a round of hilarious 50 Cent attacks). He released highly entertaining Music and for the most part the public forgave whatever hip hop law he had broken because the music was that good….and at that point hip hop gained back what it once was known for…the audience only cared that the music was good. This was a core value that was non existent over the years. We in the hip hop community were too caught up in the street cred hype…the Stop Snitching movement…so caught up that we overlooked what made hip hop great in the first place…the music itself.

Most Rappers are creatures of habit. Most are young oppressed outcasts who want a way out of poverty and suffering, and a career in music provides that opportunity. So these young men follow trends and gimmicks in hip hop thinking it’s there way in ( or way out-depending on how you look at it) many have copied and mimmicked the over sensationalism to gain acceptance…some went as far as commiting actual crimes to justify there lyrical content. Getting “shot” became a badge of honor in justifying how “real” you really were. These rappers began forgetting the fact that the music was entertainment. Not reality.(peep SouthBound’s “That Ain’t Right” video feat. Greezo-great song giving example of what I’m talking about)

But after Ross won out his skeptics with downright good music…this changed. Most fans doubt many of the things Rick Ross raps about, yet the music was ENTERTAINING, so it became less about how real it was, and more about whether it was good music. This changed the landscape of hip hop because the young men who were so worried about “Street Cred” now realize it has no bearing on whether they’re successful. So the trend changed….

This opened the door for hip hop artists who were rooted in being just that…artists. Artist began getting noticed for just making ART. Drake was a mixed kid from the burbs’ who starred on a TV Show, but the music was GOOD..there was no denying that. So people overlooked his lack of “Street Cred” because it was no longer a credible reason to hate on an artist. It is now a state of real authenticity that is the norm….fans are supporting artists for shedding the Excess Over- hype and showing vulnerability. The new trend in hip hop…..being yourself.

This is what’s saving hip hop…because now the excess bullshit is being stripped away. The suburbs and the college crowd are supporting the cause again. Artists aren’t concerned with looking hard anymore….they wanna look Smart. They want to look and sound organic. They want to be respected for the music…not how expensive there chain is or how many guns they holding.

It’s almost 2011….and believe me, hip hop Is in the best place it’s been in years. Radio no longer dictates who’s hot (because let’s face it, not much hip hop is played on radio) and BET/ MTV don’t play videos. Hip Hop is an organic thing Again….where fans support it because it sounds good, not because someones “Real”…

Trust me..”keeping it Real” is played out.

Thank you Rick Ross


Guess Whos Back!

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Thank you All….Xanax 3 has sold over 2000 copies on iTunes.

Question-“ITS TIME”

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Question on …..AGAIN!!!

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My New Joint “Without A Care” featuring Bun B, a mixtape Track we just threw out there to DJ’s, Suddenly hit radio monday night and is already on the countdown.  Then Much to my suprise, i noticed it was featured in the Media zone section on…

Question on the cover of THIS WEEK’s 210SA!!!

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here’s the dates:
Thu-Oct-16Dallas Granada
Fri-Oct-17 Austin Emos
Sat-Oct-18 Lubbock Foundation
Sun-Oct-19 San Antonio Planeta Mexico
Tue-Oct-21 Albuquerque Sunshine Theatre
Wed-Oct-22 Scottsdale Venue of Scottsdale
Thu-Oct-23 Tucson Club Congress
Fri-Oct-24 Los Angeles Key Club
Sat-Oct-25 San Diego Canes
Sun-Oct-26 Victorville Karma
Mon-Oct-27 San Luis Obispo SLO Brew
Tue-Oct-28 Santa Cruz Catalyst
Wed-Oct-29 San Francisco Slims
Thu-Oct-30 Portland Berbatis Pan
Fri-Oct-31 Eugene Wow Hall-
Sat-Nov-01 Seattle Neumos
Nov-03 Spokane Blvd
Tue-Nov-04 Boise Neurolux
Wed-Nov-05 Salt Lake City Urban Lounge
Thu-Nov-06 Vail The Sandbar
Fri-Nov-07 Denver Bluebird
Sat-Nov-08 Boulder Fox
Mon-Nov-10 Omaha The Waiting Room
Tue-Nov-11 Minneapolis Varsity Theatre
Wed-Nov-12 Madison High Noon
Thu-Nov-13 Ann Arbor Blind Pig
Fri-Nov-14 Columbus Skullys
Mon-Nov-17 New York Highline Ballroom
Tue-Nov-18 Burlington Higher Ground
Wed-Nov-19 Boston Middle East
Thu-Nov-20 Washington, DCClub Love
-Nov-22 Orlando, FL Backbooth
Nov-24 New Orleans The Parrish
Tue-Nov-25 Baton Rouge Spanish Moon
Wed-Nov-26 Houston Warehouse Live

90 daze is coming back…….

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I apologize for the Hiatus…lots of obstacles, shows, studio malfunctions, personal problems, required appearances, travel, and baby mama drama has got in the way…………..

i plan to return to the booth early next week. HOPEFULLY

keep ya fingers crossed. LOL


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Question’s new TATTOO!!


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