Question Update….


So, here’s what it is….
I just ripped SXSW In Austin,which was the most fun i have ever had performing…shouts to DOUBLE J!!! I did two shows…one at the firehouse with termanology and Percee P, then @ Austin Music Hall with David Banner, Rob G, Murs, Wiz Khalifah, Tum Tum, and Sparkdawg. Both shows went well, and i was suprised by everyones reaction to “Dance Like A Whiteboy”( More on That Later…..).My Suggestion….make sure u sign up for next years SXSW!! from seeing David Banner rip it with a live rock band and mannie fresh on the tables, to Buckshot and Sean Price tearing down the Stones Throw party (which also included a set by one of my new favorite rappers, Detroits very own , Guilty Simpson), to a teary eyed performance by Bun B at Club Fuze in memory of Pimp C, This years events in austin were amazing, not to mention Fast Money knockin out some random fake gangster on 6th Street!!!
Anyway, this music shit is getting crazier by the minute. Since putting the recording studio in my crib (shouts to my super CEO-JONNY SHIPES!!! Good look!!) Ive recorded well over 50 new songs….Most of which will be included on my next mixtape “Xanax”.(though i hate to call it a mixtape-it’s much bigger than that….its more like the album before the “ALBUM”).
Now i know most of you were anticipating this being a double cd( as it has been advertised), but instead this will be a single disc release…….but dont fret, because its actually part one of the Xanax Trilogy.
In may i will be putting out “Xanax: The 2nd Dose”, and then soon after will come the final disc “Xanax 3: The Overdose”
yes yes yall…..thats 57 NEW SONGS From yours truly, before the summer even gets into full swing!!!!!

BUT….see i dont quit!!! ill be Co Hosting the sixth installment of the highly successful Cinematic music group “Good Talk” series with none other than Coughee Brotha numero UNO, DEVIN THE DUDE! (if you dont believe the HYPE suckas, Check out this months “TALE OF THE TAPE” section in the SOURCE magazine!! “GOOD TALK PART 4” hosted by ME!! thats right-im in that bitch for the second month in a row!!!-shoust to my man MECCA!!!-and lookout for PART 5 hosted by shiest bubz and Nipsey Hussle!!)

as far as my album, since everyone keeps asking me…..Im just doing me right now….Recording, writing, and living in the fucking gym……and i will not stop until this album is incredible!!! until its a certified, southern fried, classic masterpiece!!!
so it will come out , when its finished…..thats about all i can say at this point

the first single will be dropping soon……its actually a joke record, that i really did out of frustration… seems that all the labels, and radio programming directors, want from an artist is a “DANCE CRAZE GIMMICK RECORD”. Now, i have no ill will towards people who do this kind of music…But the fact is, I dont do this kind of music…(not to mention, that i cannot Dance at all)
so i made a record for them….and much too my suprise, PEOPLE REALLLY LOVE IT…

now i know i will get hated on for this record…and may even lose a few fans over it
but i also know i will gain alot of new fans, who will in turn get to actually hear some TRUE SOUTHERN HIP HOP
because at the end of the day…..THATS WHAT THE FUCK I DO!!!!!!

so there it is……my update

feel free to drop your two cents in…………..


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  1. That’s what i’m talkin about… good shit big homie! I’m patiently waitin for my first dose of xanax & i can’t wait to see what this “dance like a white boy” shit is about… haha, i bet it’s gonna be funny as hell….

    p.s. what did this wanksta get punched out for on 6th street?

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