one of my TOP 5: Dead or alive is XXL!!!!!!


one of my favorite emcees of all time is on the cover of next months XXL!!!(its actually a dual cover with none other than GAME-who i am a fan of as well)

glad to see cube still getting his propers, especially from a publication like XXL

cant wait til RAW FOOTAGE drops!!!

and if they ask why………GANGSTA RAP MADE ME DO IT!!!!



One Response

  1. yuh i read the article on this n idk if u seen it yet but he was sayin like that his life was better when he was robbin, shootin, gangbangin, dealin, n bein shot at…like i’m thinkin he meant personal family life but u never kno…n that lil frohawk needs to go…but all in all game is still the man n he gon’ find his own way like evryone else

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