back from new york….

what a trip this was!!!
I again, went up to see my people J Grand, DJ Radio, Young Sav, D-vasquez, and of course the drama king himself, KAY SLAY…on shade 45’s sirius statellite radio “streetsweepers radio” show for an on air interview……then chilled in studio with GREEN LANTERN while he listened to joints off my new cd “XANAX”…recorded 18 freestyles for my new blog project “90 DAZE” which begins next week.
went to Mt. Vernon with my man shawn sullivan and his patna MESSY, and checked out SCRAM JONES, who was working with Sean Price, and saw legendary producer BUCKWILD. also, dropped a verse for one of the BRONX’s up and coming phenoms, RICH MO…

highlight for me was returning to the bronx last night via the 4 train…and getting off at YANKEE STADIUM!!! my super ceo slash manager shipes hooked me and ev boogie up with the best seats in the house…3 rows behind the on deck circle at the house that RUTH built.
then it started pouring, then it got really cold….so my southern ass couldnt take it, and we bailed by the 6th inning…but still a great experience, since this is the last year the yankees play there…(BTW, the new yankee stadium across the street looks MEAN…..almost like the roman colisuem or something…
ive noticed since ive returned, im catching myself saying a whole bunch of new york slang i have no business saying….so if u catch saying “YO, FAMS!” or “PAUSE”, OR “NO HOMO”…or even “yo, dogs”….
or the long drawn out “YOOOOOOOOOO…..”
you can thank the fine folks at cinematic for flying me to the big apple and letting me stay on the couch(and bed), for the last 8 days……

more updates coming
i leave for los angeles on sunday night…for a week
should be interesting….ill keep yall posted


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