90 daze!

I leave for L.A today and wont be back til next Saturday….So i guess i will begin 90 DAZE next saturday…
Brought to you by the Idiots at WWW.IDIOTBOXTV.net and D.G.K Clothing …”90 Daze” is my little project im doing just for fun, but thought id share it with the fans….
i will ATTEMPT to record 90 freestyles over nuthin but classic 1990’s beats(NAS, GANGSTARR, OUTKAST, EAZY E, BIG PUN, RAS KASS, WU TANG, EPMD, etc…) and put a new freestyle up on my blog everyday

so thats a new song/freestyle everyday for 90 days…some of them may be actual songs, with hooks and all…some of them may be 24 bars of spit….shiiiit, some of them may be 144 bars of madness

if you have any beats from the 90’s in mind…comment me and ill try to do it….

and since im gonna have to smoke alotta of purple grandaddy kush and sour diesel to accomplish this daunting task, im calling it “90 DAZE”

get ready…
im really about to go in HARD!



oh by the way…every two weeks i will release the previous 2 weeks worth of freestyles as a downloadable mixtape.


One Response

  1. “You know you done fucked up right? you know you done fucked up…” I’ma dig thru my collection and dig out some of that real real shit and we’ll see if you can hang homie.

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