7 on the verge!(the DOPE LIST)

heres a list of artists i really like…some you may of heard of, some maybe not as much….but i fuck with they music, and it will give you an idea of what type of shit i like. just my opinion….

1. B.O.B-Atlanta, GA
i fuck with this kids music hard….to me he possesses the qualities of a young andre3000 meets a young big boi…kinda like if outkast was just one person, plus he has a sense of humor on the mic…
i really think this dudes about to do damage on the music game.

alot of people WERE familar with him when he was with outkast…but alot of people dont realize since then his “i pledge allegiance to the grind” series are some of the dopest cds to come out the south in a minute. a true lyricist with street appeal, i really look forward to his new album dropping soon.

this dude is truly one of the nicest emcees ive heard, reminds me of pun at times, but seriously has his own swag…originally signed by DR. DRE to aftermath, but a free agent now….i hope he gets a shot with some serious push….dude has that ability to put NEW YORK back where it belongs!!!

i know, i know…this is my labelmate. but i swear thats not why hes on my list….this man is extremely creative and has a raw emotion to him that i havent ever heard, and his delivery is on point. at first glance, you see gangbangin ONLY…but trust me, this kid is way deeper and intelligent muscially, plus knows how to make hits. dont believe me??? just wait…YOU’ll SEE!

homie has major flow on sum street shit, yet has that backpacker underground vibe down too…just an all around GREAT MC. gotta love how that detroit grimey street rap still feels so VISUAL and LYRICAL. Detroit hip hop reminds me alot of 90’s new york hip hop….and guilty embodies that sound well.

6.Glasses Malone-WATTS, CA
i love “CERTIFIED”, and really started to get into this cats catalog of music….this right here is just great CALIFORNIA GANGSTA HIP HOP….glasses is a great lyricist with a even greater voice. cant help but love what hes doing for the west coast.

i know, this dude has had success…but never truly his own, as he stood in the shadow of 50 and the G UNIT BRAND. i foresee this cat really taking a shot at being one of the biggest artists in the game on his own terms. really could make at run for “KING OF THE SOUTH” Title… Especially if he maximizes his swagger and grit that he has always seemed to have behind the mic. face it, buck is a cold mutherfucka!


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