let me break it down for yall…if yall aint know!

here’s what im feeling…..
i been getting a great response from my new cd “XANAX” and i can’t lie, it feels good to be appreciated for your hard work. I recorded 53 songs in one month for this Xanax project, and 19 songs made volume one. Volume TWO, sub-tittled “THE OVERDOSE” will also have 19 songs on it, and i will be releasing that around the first or second week of JUNE.
I want to Clarify a few things…..THIS IS BY NO MEANS MY BEST WORK. I hear people throwing out words like “CLASSIC” and “UNBELEIVEABLE”…..i’ll be the first to say, DONT BELEIVE THE HYPE….
  Though, i think this is a solid effort, i’m also not 100% percent satisfied with the result….I know what my potential is, and this is not completely it. for yall…the fans…and members of the hip hop community…my hometown…the great state of texas, where i reside…I PROMISE TO TRY HARDER AND HARDER!!!!! i swear im gonna get better and better at this by the day….
But that is also the beauty of HIP HOP….the motivation to be great….the desire to out do everything else…the passion to be #1…..THATS WHAT USED TO MAKE HIP HOP GREAT.
Nowadays, we are so caught up in the hype of record sales…..(are lack thereof-) thats how we judge OUR MUSIC….i dont care if lupe fiasco only went gold, he made a great album.period.
Z-ro hasnt had nationwide success…yet this dude has some of the most gut wrenching gritty music i have ever had the pleasure of listening to, and die hard fans that will ride for him til the end of days, and thats gotta feel good….KILLER MIKE is so underrated and underappreciated by the hordes of southern rap fans..its disgusting…YET IN THE END…ALL THAT MATTERS IS….I LIKE IT.
im tired of all that…..just make good music. dont worry about if its “EAST COAST” Music or “WEST COAST” music…or if its “HIPSTER” rap, or “BACKPACK” rap…or “TRAP” music..or “CRACK ” music…ITS FUCKING MUSIC…
if u feel it…then listen to it…..
I remember years back when T.I started calling himself the “KING OF THE SOUTH“…everybody was in an UPROAR. “HOW COULD HE SAY THAT?”..
Ill tell you what i loved about him calling himself that. T.I is a very talented rapper, with unbeleivable swagger….and at the heart of every “REAL” MC, is the desire to be the best….(noticed i said “REAL” MC.). and for every southern MC striving to be the best…T.I set the BAR for the south…
He said to be the “KING”, you gotta be better than THIS HERE…..so as MC’s we trying to be BETTER than that THERE. When Lil Wayne says he’s the “Greatest Rapper Alive” it makes me wanna shoot for that goal. The Mc inside me wants to go after those tittles…I WANT TO BE BETTER THAN THAT. and though im not there yet, im gonna give it all i have, even if im never that good..or that revered… ….THIS IS WHY I RAP…THE CHASE FOR PERFECTION….
and though i also have a desire to be financially successful…to have the cars, cribs, chicks, and chains…its not what motivates me. HIP HOP motivates me…..becoming one of the best motivates me…
……and ALL the money in the world can’t buy that……..
i apologize for ranting…but fuck it…this is the point of having a BLOG….to speak my mind freely…..

(And I Mean That Shit!!!!!)



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