So i went and saw “THE DARK KNIGHT” tonight….
edit:i have now seen it TWICE!!!

after reading the countless reviews praising both the movie and heath ledgers maniacal performance as THE JOKER, i had extremely high expectations.

all i can really say is….this was the first time in my movie going experience that a film greatly exceeded my expectations and then some….and i must say, HEATH LEDGER WAS AMAZING. His performance was really creatively crafted and executed like i have never seen an ARTIST do….i never once thought i was wacthing an actor, he really made me believe he was the most chaotic villian in the world, and did it with such style.  I was inspired to see someone so dedicated to his craft and approach it with such a passionate focus….maybe were saying this cuz ledger passed on, but honestly the performance was masterful in it self, but the fact he passed away makes it even more cherishable, knowing that we’ll never see it again….and really the cast as a whole was so good…morgan freeman, christian bale, gary oldman, and aaron eckhart played everything perfectly..
the plot, the twists, the turns, the special effects, and of course, the gadgets…were all dope as hell….

i never imagined a film based on a comic book could be this well done…

5 mics if this was a hip hop album!!! lol



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