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KILLER MIKE speaks about OBAMA…..
July 14, 2008

and with conservative RADIO TALK SHOW HOST..Shelley Wynter

obama, obama,obama
July 7, 2008


May 23, 2008


So, im sitting at the crib, fuckin around on the computer and someone email’s me J.ARMZ “HOW TO BE AN MC” instrumental Mixtape….so i listen to a few beats, and slowly begin freestyling…and for some reason i just kept going….then i decided, well, might as well record this….
when i got done, i realized i had gone for almost 17 minutes…..
some of it is really dope to me…some of it, not as much…..and not to ride my own DICK, but some of it is fucking incredible!!! LOL….

DAMN i really love being an MC…….

May 16, 2008

Since this whole BARACK OBAMA/ REV. WRIGHT controversy came up…..I’ve had a certain opinion….that nearly 99.9% of what the REV said…I AGREED WITH!!!! I guess, I too,am ANTI-SEMITIC (My Manager is JEWISH…and so are many of my good friends back in the big apple)…ANTI-AMERICAN(I served This country Proudly in the military….) and RACIST TOWARDS WHITE PEOPLE (I AM, INFACT….WHITE…)….LOL
I actually saw this clip on chamillionaire’s PAGE…and had to RE-Post it…..THE MEDIA, especially FOX NEWS, is so unbelievably BIASED, its hard to even watch or listen…but the sad thing is, Millions of americans watch this, and believe every single word….SAD

so here are some points REV. WRIGHT has made during sermons….and how i see them as very accurate….
1. 9/11 was caused by our actions as a country…..

YES they were!! we helped arm and train the muhajadeen in afghanistan in the 80s, so they could beat the russians for us, who were our enemies at the time….then left them there after they pushed out the russians…..the muhjadeen later became Al QUEDA…..much how we are responsible for saddams rise to power…in the 80’s, IRAN was our enemy….and IRAN’s Enemy was a little neighboring country called IRAQ…so we armed, trained, and financially backed IRAQ’s leader Saddam Hussein…..which later bite us in our collective ass…so to speak.  AMERICA: 0   REV. WRIGHT: 1

2. THE U.S created Aids to kill Black PEOPLE…..

well, this one is, to say the least…a little less credible on the surface….but lets examine the past. TUSKEEGEE EXPIREMENTs….where THE US GOVERMENT Purposely INFECTED AFRICAN AMERICANS with SYPHILLIS ( A sexually transmitted disease….much like, HIV/AIDS, another sexually transmitted disease) so does this theory seem so farfecthed now? along with the fact that the F.B.I launched countelpro and inflitrated the black panthers, and flooded the poor communities with drugs! (these are not THEORIES-THESE ARE FACTS…GOOGLE IT, SUCKAS…) to get rid of AFRICAN AMERICANS… i can see exactly where the REV. is coming from……AMERICA: 0    REV. WRIGHT: 1/2 point

there is so many other pieces of his sermons attacked, that i could pick apart and give you good reason why he’s actaully fairly accurate……so ill leave it at this…my new T SHIRT SLOGAN


90 daze!
May 4, 2008

I leave for L.A today and wont be back til next Saturday….So i guess i will begin 90 DAZE next saturday…
Brought to you by the Idiots at and D.G.K Clothing …”90 Daze” is my little project im doing just for fun, but thought id share it with the fans….
i will ATTEMPT to record 90 freestyles over nuthin but classic 1990’s beats(NAS, GANGSTARR, OUTKAST, EAZY E, BIG PUN, RAS KASS, WU TANG, EPMD, etc…) and put a new freestyle up on my blog everyday

so thats a new song/freestyle everyday for 90 days…some of them may be actual songs, with hooks and all…some of them may be 24 bars of spit….shiiiit, some of them may be 144 bars of madness

if you have any beats from the 90’s in mind…comment me and ill try to do it….

and since im gonna have to smoke alotta of purple grandaddy kush and sour diesel to accomplish this daunting task, im calling it “90 DAZE”

get ready…
im really about to go in HARD!



oh by the way…every two weeks i will release the previous 2 weeks worth of freestyles as a downloadable mixtape.

Obama: “Brush ya shoulders off”……
April 18, 2008

Biggie is back…….in a theater near you.
March 6, 2008


 Brooklyn rapper Gravy is gonna portray Notorious B.I.G in the upcoming Christopher Wallace biopic film “Notorious”.

Not a bad choice in my opinion……

what im even more excited about is Derek Luke from “antwan fisher” is portraying Sean “P. diddy” Combs (TAKE THAT< TAKE THAT!!!) and and the lovely Angela Bassett is playing biggie’s momma, Voletta wallace.

this movie better be done right…….

I’m registered to ROCK!!!!
February 14, 2008


Im not much for politics….i personally hold no allegiance to any political party.I was a huge supporter of Bill Clinton’s presidency, and felt he did a great job. However, i do NOT hold the idealogy, that somehow, a Hillary Clinton led white house, means we get Bill Clinton type results. 
This is a new generation with entirely different circumstances. And i feel a real “Change” is necessary for us as a country to repair our image in the world.Ive listened to enough of every candiates rhetoric to make an “Informed” decision on who i would vote for.

Count me in…”YES WE CAN!”

Barack OBAMA for President!!