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props to MR X
June 30, 2008

erryday, i check various blogs and read thru the rumors, checkout the xclusives, and just get my hip hop “FIX”…..
today, much to my suprise….i found my “350 bars” freestyle….on one of my favorite spots

felt good!!

honestly, if you wanna get into the sites i usually get my “fix” from….
they have links to all the spots i check out on the daily!!!

go there and give ya big homie some feedback in the comments section!!!

May 23, 2008


So, im sitting at the crib, fuckin around on the computer and someone email’s me J.ARMZ “HOW TO BE AN MC” instrumental Mixtape….so i listen to a few beats, and slowly begin freestyling…and for some reason i just kept going….then i decided, well, might as well record this….
when i got done, i realized i had gone for almost 17 minutes…..
some of it is really dope to me…some of it, not as much…..and not to ride my own DICK, but some of it is fucking incredible!!! LOL….

DAMN i really love being an MC…….