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Why I Think NAS is the single most “IMPORTANT” MC in the GAME…
July 10, 2008

here is my opinion…take it for what it is worth to you…
After having nearly a week to DIGEST “UNTITTLED”, The new Cd from NAS, (and yes, i downloaded it…but i swear on my momma, im PURCHASING the RETAIL RELEASE NEXT TUESDAY)…
I think NAS is the most Important MC in the current hip hop stratosphere…NOTICE, i did not say the BEST or the DOPEST(though i could argue those points as well), i just feel there is NO ONE in the game tackling and approaching the type of social, spirtual, and revolutionary topics he is presenting thru MUSIC. I wish they would of let him keep his album tittle..because it speaks volume to what exactly he meant after hearing this album.

I Know i must come off as some crazed “STAN”…..but honestly, if thats what it is, then FUCK IT….because I AM INSPIRED TO MAKE BETTER MUSIC BECAUSE OF IT

This album is a true reflection of what hip hop once was about and what it should be about…..CREATIVE EXPRESSION OF THE OPPRESSED SOUL.

I love songs about “BITCHES”, and “CARS” and “SELLING DRUGS” just like the next man…and i feel their is a time and a place for these type of records….i dont think all HIP HOP should sound or feel like NAS. But just as much as there is time and place for those songs and artists…there definetely is a TIME AND PLACE FOR ARTISTS LIKE NAS….and that TIME is NOW…..and not all hip hop has to be socially responsible or have a message…..but i always felt like their should be the balanced response or other side of those emotions in music. I know NAS will not be here forever…and i what i hope and pray for, is that NOW, RIGHT NOW, thru his MUSIC, he will inspire the NEXT NAS for the next generation of HIP HOP…..cuz just as much as the dopeboys need jeezy, and the gangstas need game, and the hoes need Plies….the kids need NAS.

and oh yeah……..



June 17, 2008



this shit is crack!!!!

check it out

listen and download here

word is this not on the album