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Rick Ross Is responsible for Saving Hip Hop?? (Just A Theory)
October 12, 2010

Before you guys Start in With the “What the Fuck you On?” and “Get the fuck out of here” Sentiments, Please allow me to explain this in Detail.
Rick Ross’s Music did not save Hip Hop nor did He Intentionally set out to save Hip Hop. Now, Not to say i dont enjoy his music..under the right circumstances, his music is actually enjoyable. I think He makes High Quality Gangsta Rap music. I can Appreciate the Over Hype and sensationalism in the content and the celebration of the Good life aquired through Hustling in the streets. It’s Great…But Again, this has nothing to do with why i think he saved HIP HOP, and i wont even begin to get into the Issues of Validity on whether he really lived that Life he boasts about.

When the Story broke about about William Roberts, Aka RICK ROSS being a prison guard, it wasn’t met with too much more than a “So the Drug Kingpin was a C.O?”. It wasn’t until he Vehmently denied the allegations and it was Later verified he was, that he was lambasted by every one under the sun, but too his credit he weathered the storm.(even fighting off a round of hilarious 50 Cent attacks). He released highly entertaining Music and for the most part the public forgave whatever hip hop law he had broken because the music was that good….and at that point hip hop gained back what it once was known for…the audience only cared that the music was good. This was a core value that was non existent over the years. We in the hip hop community were too caught up in the street cred hype…the Stop Snitching movement…so caught up that we overlooked what made hip hop great in the first place…the music itself.

Most Rappers are creatures of habit. Most are young oppressed outcasts who want a way out of poverty and suffering, and a career in music provides that opportunity. So these young men follow trends and gimmicks in hip hop thinking it’s there way in ( or way out-depending on how you look at it) many have copied and mimmicked the over sensationalism to gain acceptance…some went as far as commiting actual crimes to justify there lyrical content. Getting “shot” became a badge of honor in justifying how “real” you really were. These rappers began forgetting the fact that the music was entertainment. Not reality.(peep SouthBound’s “That Ain’t Right” video feat. Greezo-great song giving example of what I’m talking about)

But after Ross won out his skeptics with downright good music…this changed. Most fans doubt many of the things Rick Ross raps about, yet the music was ENTERTAINING, so it became less about how real it was, and more about whether it was good music. This changed the landscape of hip hop because the young men who were so worried about “Street Cred” now realize it has no bearing on whether they’re successful. So the trend changed….

This opened the door for hip hop artists who were rooted in being just that…artists. Artist began getting noticed for just making ART. Drake was a mixed kid from the burbs’ who starred on a TV Show, but the music was GOOD..there was no denying that. So people overlooked his lack of “Street Cred” because it was no longer a credible reason to hate on an artist. It is now a state of real authenticity that is the norm….fans are supporting artists for shedding the Excess Over- hype and showing vulnerability. The new trend in hip hop…..being yourself.

This is what’s saving hip hop…because now the excess bullshit is being stripped away. The suburbs and the college crowd are supporting the cause again. Artists aren’t concerned with looking hard anymore….they wanna look Smart. They want to look and sound organic. They want to be respected for the music…not how expensive there chain is or how many guns they holding.

It’s almost 2011….and believe me, hip hop Is in the best place it’s been in years. Radio no longer dictates who’s hot (because let’s face it, not much hip hop is played on radio) and BET/ MTV don’t play videos. Hip Hop is an organic thing Again….where fans support it because it sounds good, not because someones “Real”…

Trust me..”keeping it Real” is played out.

Thank you Rick Ross


KILLER MIKE speaks about OBAMA…..
July 14, 2008

and with conservative RADIO TALK SHOW HOST..Shelley Wynter

50 cent vs buck: THE REAL from Jay Smooth
June 24, 2008

i swear, JAY SMOOTH, is on point every time…..
here he breaks down the 50 cent vs young buck beef, phone calls, etc

check him out

June 9, 2008

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June 1, 2008

in the next 3-4 weeks, Im dropping XANAX2: THE OVERDOSE………..
and then coming this AUGUST


now i know the “DRUG” RELATED tittles on my behalf are getting a little outrageous. SO I PROMISE, “HEROIN” will be the last one…(i know what your thinking…”aww damm…no cd called “COCAINE” or “CRYSTAL METH”-sorry yall-LOL)

I will say this….THIS CD WILL NOT BE LIKE ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER HEARD from ME….NO RADIO SONGS, NO GIMMICKS, NO ODEs to “MAKING IT RAIN”, NO “Ridin So Slow”-esque songs……this will be speaking my FUCKING MIND…..and trying things musically i have been SCARED to do PREVIOUSLY.

I doubt the LABEL will get behind this…and i may lose some fans over it….BUT I HAVE TO GO THERE, AT LEAST ONCE……so no one ever again, will QUESTION what QUESTION is really ABOUT…….



What in THE F*#k is going on????
May 29, 2008


this was on today…….


read here:



“My homey D (Soundwaves Music) from Houston gave me some information on this so-called beef with Bun B and Lil Flip. You know Bun is the OG and when he talks, people listen. [Buy the new Bun B album II Trill!] So apparently Bun did an interview for a DVD magazine and Bun was asked about Question? & Bugsy being from San Antonio and also the situation between Lil’ Flip and Ron Artest (another fake beef). Apparently, Bun spoke his mind on the matters but things were taken way, way out of control. Here is a letter from somebody that can and did explain things WAY better than me:



Aint no beef ‘tween Bun & Flip! As you know Flip f**ks with Bugsy who recently got signed to Sony, and Bugsy is cool with Question who is signed to Epic. Then you also have Chamillionaire’s new artist Famous. All three guys are from San Antonio and recently things in SA have been shaky since the 3 went major. Bun heard bout the 3 get’n signed and wanted to talk with all 3, cuz he knows how a city can react once it’s elite go major (I remind you, once everyone in Houston -Flip, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, & Cham- everyone starting beefing and tripping with one another!) Bun doesnt want that! Houston, Dallas & San Antonio have become factors in Texas Hip-Hop and I’m sure Bun is trying to keep it that way! With him being big homey, he felt obligated to speak up before things went bad for the 3.



so here is my RESPONSE:

for the RECORD, there has never been ANY BEEF between ME or BUGSY…im actually very cool with everyone over there @fyngermade PRoductions, fyngas, DJ DOUBLE R(the big homie),Full Clip Music Gang, etc…..i spoke with Bugsy today…very cool cat with a cool head, and makes very GOOD music…Im proud to say he reps MY city!

 AS FOR, Famous, aka LIL KEN…there has never been anything but Love between us…his whole click are people i call friends….JAY LEE….Liveola, etc…..and i actually have an even stronger relationship with LONESTAR, a dude who looked out for me when i was homeless , living in the back of the studio…a real good dude. These guys are my Peers…we are all in this together in my eyes….and if one of them BLOWS…ill thank GOD…because for me, it has always been about SAN ANTONIO HIP HOP FIRST!! anyone that knows me, KNOWS ill help artists as much as i can…and do anything to help put some shine on this city i call home.

as far as the whole BUN B thing….he never reached out to any of us about the situation, but i heard he did comment on it, and said he hoped that SA artists stick together better than Houston Artists did when the H TOWN music scene blew up nationally….and i agree 100% percent

there is alot of dope ass talent here…and alot of hustlin’ ass go gettas in the 210…..POLAR PIMP, GREG G, BIG BIZ, Sweet P and LAMM entertainment, Big TEXXUS, J Phlame, Kyle LEE, Shame Gutta, LIVEOLA, young TX and A.N.T ENT, TY one, and so many more im forgetting on accident… bad..

Im actually getting ready to drop a DOPE SUPPLY album that will include some of the dopest emcees in the area on it…… AND me and my homie Polygrafic linked up with MIKE DUECE from DUECE MEDIA and are working on FADE DOGG’s NEW PROJECT……and i have the R&B super writer/ singer EDDIE B, who inked a deal with Cinematic, thru a production company i started with him…..and trust me, we got sum shit poppin….

THE reason i point this out is….i will never be on that ARROGANT SHIT….ITS NOT IN MY BLOOD…..IM too right with god to beef with cats over music…..i may beef over some real shit, but not this music …NEVER…my dream is to be a executive and help TALENT…i really dont do this rap shit for money or fame….i do it cuz i ACTUALLY LOVE IT…im a fucking HIP HOP BABY…..REAL TALK


but i do appreciate whoever put this rumor out there…because me, FAME, and BUGSY just got $10,000 worth of promotion on a site that averages one million people a day……THANKS BUDDY!!!! 


May 16, 2008

Since this whole BARACK OBAMA/ REV. WRIGHT controversy came up…..I’ve had a certain opinion….that nearly 99.9% of what the REV said…I AGREED WITH!!!! I guess, I too,am ANTI-SEMITIC (My Manager is JEWISH…and so are many of my good friends back in the big apple)…ANTI-AMERICAN(I served This country Proudly in the military….) and RACIST TOWARDS WHITE PEOPLE (I AM, INFACT….WHITE…)….LOL
I actually saw this clip on chamillionaire’s PAGE…and had to RE-Post it…..THE MEDIA, especially FOX NEWS, is so unbelievably BIASED, its hard to even watch or listen…but the sad thing is, Millions of americans watch this, and believe every single word….SAD

so here are some points REV. WRIGHT has made during sermons….and how i see them as very accurate….
1. 9/11 was caused by our actions as a country…..

YES they were!! we helped arm and train the muhajadeen in afghanistan in the 80s, so they could beat the russians for us, who were our enemies at the time….then left them there after they pushed out the russians…..the muhjadeen later became Al QUEDA…..much how we are responsible for saddams rise to power…in the 80’s, IRAN was our enemy….and IRAN’s Enemy was a little neighboring country called IRAQ…so we armed, trained, and financially backed IRAQ’s leader Saddam Hussein…..which later bite us in our collective ass…so to speak.  AMERICA: 0   REV. WRIGHT: 1

2. THE U.S created Aids to kill Black PEOPLE…..

well, this one is, to say the least…a little less credible on the surface….but lets examine the past. TUSKEEGEE EXPIREMENTs….where THE US GOVERMENT Purposely INFECTED AFRICAN AMERICANS with SYPHILLIS ( A sexually transmitted disease….much like, HIV/AIDS, another sexually transmitted disease) so does this theory seem so farfecthed now? along with the fact that the F.B.I launched countelpro and inflitrated the black panthers, and flooded the poor communities with drugs! (these are not THEORIES-THESE ARE FACTS…GOOGLE IT, SUCKAS…) to get rid of AFRICAN AMERICANS… i can see exactly where the REV. is coming from……AMERICA: 0    REV. WRIGHT: 1/2 point

there is so many other pieces of his sermons attacked, that i could pick apart and give you good reason why he’s actaully fairly accurate……so ill leave it at this…my new T SHIRT SLOGAN


I’m registered to ROCK!!!!
February 14, 2008


Im not much for politics….i personally hold no allegiance to any political party.I was a huge supporter of Bill Clinton’s presidency, and felt he did a great job. However, i do NOT hold the idealogy, that somehow, a Hillary Clinton led white house, means we get Bill Clinton type results. 
This is a new generation with entirely different circumstances. And i feel a real “Change” is necessary for us as a country to repair our image in the world.Ive listened to enough of every candiates rhetoric to make an “Informed” decision on who i would vote for.

Count me in…”YES WE CAN!”

Barack OBAMA for President!!