Question on …..AGAIN!!!
October 17, 2008

My New Joint “Without A Care” featuring Bun B, a mixtape Track we just threw out there to DJ’s, Suddenly hit radio monday night and is already on the countdown.  Then Much to my suprise, i noticed it was featured in the Media zone section on…

international players anthem!!! BUN B + ROOTS LIVE
June 19, 2008


What in THE F*#k is going on????
May 29, 2008


this was on today…….


read here:



“My homey D (Soundwaves Music) from Houston gave me some information on this so-called beef with Bun B and Lil Flip. You know Bun is the OG and when he talks, people listen. [Buy the new Bun B album II Trill!] So apparently Bun did an interview for a DVD magazine and Bun was asked about Question? & Bugsy being from San Antonio and also the situation between Lil’ Flip and Ron Artest (another fake beef). Apparently, Bun spoke his mind on the matters but things were taken way, way out of control. Here is a letter from somebody that can and did explain things WAY better than me:



Aint no beef ‘tween Bun & Flip! As you know Flip f**ks with Bugsy who recently got signed to Sony, and Bugsy is cool with Question who is signed to Epic. Then you also have Chamillionaire’s new artist Famous. All three guys are from San Antonio and recently things in SA have been shaky since the 3 went major. Bun heard bout the 3 get’n signed and wanted to talk with all 3, cuz he knows how a city can react once it’s elite go major (I remind you, once everyone in Houston -Flip, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, & Cham- everyone starting beefing and tripping with one another!) Bun doesnt want that! Houston, Dallas & San Antonio have become factors in Texas Hip-Hop and I’m sure Bun is trying to keep it that way! With him being big homey, he felt obligated to speak up before things went bad for the 3.



so here is my RESPONSE:

for the RECORD, there has never been ANY BEEF between ME or BUGSY…im actually very cool with everyone over there @fyngermade PRoductions, fyngas, DJ DOUBLE R(the big homie),Full Clip Music Gang, etc…..i spoke with Bugsy today…very cool cat with a cool head, and makes very GOOD music…Im proud to say he reps MY city!

 AS FOR, Famous, aka LIL KEN…there has never been anything but Love between us…his whole click are people i call friends….JAY LEE….Liveola, etc…..and i actually have an even stronger relationship with LONESTAR, a dude who looked out for me when i was homeless , living in the back of the studio…a real good dude. These guys are my Peers…we are all in this together in my eyes….and if one of them BLOWS…ill thank GOD…because for me, it has always been about SAN ANTONIO HIP HOP FIRST!! anyone that knows me, KNOWS ill help artists as much as i can…and do anything to help put some shine on this city i call home.

as far as the whole BUN B thing….he never reached out to any of us about the situation, but i heard he did comment on it, and said he hoped that SA artists stick together better than Houston Artists did when the H TOWN music scene blew up nationally….and i agree 100% percent

there is alot of dope ass talent here…and alot of hustlin’ ass go gettas in the 210…..POLAR PIMP, GREG G, BIG BIZ, Sweet P and LAMM entertainment, Big TEXXUS, J Phlame, Kyle LEE, Shame Gutta, LIVEOLA, young TX and A.N.T ENT, TY one, and so many more im forgetting on accident… bad..

Im actually getting ready to drop a DOPE SUPPLY album that will include some of the dopest emcees in the area on it…… AND me and my homie Polygrafic linked up with MIKE DUECE from DUECE MEDIA and are working on FADE DOGG’s NEW PROJECT……and i have the R&B super writer/ singer EDDIE B, who inked a deal with Cinematic, thru a production company i started with him…..and trust me, we got sum shit poppin….

THE reason i point this out is….i will never be on that ARROGANT SHIT….ITS NOT IN MY BLOOD…..IM too right with god to beef with cats over music…..i may beef over some real shit, but not this music …NEVER…my dream is to be a executive and help TALENT…i really dont do this rap shit for money or fame….i do it cuz i ACTUALLY LOVE IT…im a fucking HIP HOP BABY…..REAL TALK


but i do appreciate whoever put this rumor out there…because me, FAME, and BUGSY just got $10,000 worth of promotion on a site that averages one million people a day……THANKS BUDDY!!!!