Question?-Fear Of Dying Available 8/30/11 on ITUNES!
August 24, 2011

Finally finished with this project. Nearly 8 months of hard work …along with my homie Harold “Hits” Tolbert (@justsayhits) who produced it (with help from cooley, Pocket, & Albear from DEAD BROKE) and my man VERSE THE INK, who is co-starring here as my lead vocalist on most the songs…IT is done…..the sound is “Specific” and the content is mostly personal. BUT I HAD TO MAKE THIS ALBUM

other than Eddie B…THERE IS NO FEATURES ON THIS. I felt i had too much to say and get off my chest (apologies to my fellow artists who showed interest on appearing-had to do this one alone)

I’m Proud of it….Proud of what it means to me.

whether this moves 10,000 copies or just 1…i am satisfied with it.

1. High Hopes
2.The Beast In Me
3. Facts Of Life (Feat. Verse)
4. C.M.F.A
5. Stairway 2 Heaven
6. Here I Go Again (Feat Verse)
7. Love or Lust (Feat Verse)
8. Psycho
9. I’ll Be There
10. Which Way Should I Go
11. Something More (Old Thang Back II)
12. Sweet Dreams
13. Fear Of Dying (feat Verse)
14. Monte Carlo Music (part 2)
15. I Told Ya’ll (feat Verse)
16. Do it Big
17. What are We Fightin For (Feat Verse)
18. Clean and Sober (Feat Eddie B)
19. We Salute You (Feat Verse)
20. Live it Up Tonight
21. Superman is Dead (Feat Eddie B)
*22. That Smell (Live Dead Broke Version)

June 9, 2008

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May 31, 2008


Overall, the Album lacks the Firepower you’d expect on such a highly anticipated release.

Production Wise, its average…..Lyrically, Wayne sounds like he freestyled the whole album, doesnt sound like he gave it his all…..but his TRADEMARK SWAGGER still makes what he says “LISTENABLE”.

I think if wayne was a new artist, THIS ALBUM would be considered pretty good…..BUT WEEZY isnt a NEW ARTIST….HES THE SELF PROCLAIMED BEST RAPPER ALIVE, and this isnt the exact reflection of that.

out of 5 stars…..i gave it 3 and a HALF on first listen….a 3.75 on second listen….and then on third listen i thought , maybe 4 stars……

but ill stay with …….3.75 stars

May 14, 2008

I can’t front…at times im not the biggest T.I.P fan…yet at other times this cat never ceases to amaze me…”NO MATTER WHAT” is one of those moments (HIS VERSE ON LUPES “SUPERSTAR” REMIX-IS ANOTHER GREAT EXAMPLE) , where homie just delivers the goods.
If this song is any indication of how his “PAPER TRAIL” album will feel….put me down for two copies!

day TWO…let’s get LIFTED…
May 13, 2008

Question – “90! Daze” (90 songs over beats from the 90’s in 90 days)



Keith Murray……what else can i say??? this cat came on the scene and just dropped some of the most complex rhyme patterns and words ever spit….i remember, no lie, when i was a kid, looking half the shit he was saying up in the dictionary. “Get Lifted”” was one of my favorite joints from him…and you can’t ever front on an erick sermon production.

Mixtape Download
May 2, 2008

heres some oldie but goodies for yall to enjoy!!!!
my first two mixtapes!

whatever happened to……..
January 26, 2008

Im gonna do these weekly…..first up…