June 20, 2008

This is the ODDest drug induced rant i have ever heard…i think this tops RICK JAMES ( at least i assume, since i never witnessed it personally-LOL)

kinfolk weezy f baby has a great CODEINE connect….and from the looks and sound of it, has a decent cocaine connect too…..

im growing my own strand of marijuana and im callin it “BOOKDRIVE”

WALE “mixtape about nothing” co-sign!!!!
June 13, 2008

download here


now, this really good hip hop. plain and simple……

June 2, 2008

This GROUNDBREAKING CD, WHICH MOVED OVER 120, 000 copies, was basically THE CARTER 3 at one point…..BUT because of the songs leaking, wayne had to go back to the lab and re-create “CARTER 3″…..and so far, the consensus is , The Drought is Over 2 is the better CD, so i can see why weezy wee is MAD….

But here is the real….WHY is weezy mad at Mixtape DJ’s, especially THE EMPIRE???? obviously, someone in his Camp leaked the songs to THE EMPIRE…..(and from my understanding, it was his MANAGER who leaked certain songs HE DIDNT LIKE< THAT WEEZY DID….and then THE OTHER records were BOUGHT DIRECTLY from WEEZYS ENGINEER) these are people in wayne’s camp he needs to check….BECAUSE I PROMISE, IF ANY, and i MEAN, any OTHER DJ IN THE WORLD, had the opportunity to get ahold of THE CARTER 3, they would of leaked it too…..THE MIXTAPE GAME is all about Exclusives…..who gets something first, and in this scenario, THE EMPIRE was on top of their Game and sold the FUCK out this CD.

Now, this next piece of INFO is RUMOR BASED…..But has alot of Sources behind it…….this is an email thats been circulating around for the last two days, that i got…..

Weezy is the one who leaked his material to THE EMPIRE in the first place…..he wasnt pleased with the direction of CARTER 3 at that point,(and also had problems clearing the samples used) and wanted UNIVERSAL to put up more Money for new material…so he hit up Dj BIG MIKEand asked if he’d put out this material….Big Mike didnt want to be the DJ who LEAKED IT…so he passed it onto THE EMPIRE. WEEZY was aware of this, but didnt expect the CD to Blow like it did…… he stopped fucking with EMPIRE. After the success of the CARTER 3 SESSIONS, THE EMPIRE continued to put out Wayne cds with unreleased material without permission. After wayne made his infamous “FUCK THE MIXTAPE DJ” comment….he knew he had to backtrack and retract his statement or face a BOYCOTT by DJ’s… he blamed THE EMPIRE….knowing that was an easy target and would get people off his back about saying “FUCK THE MIXTAPE DJ”.

obviously, the DROUGHT IS OVER helped bring weezy to the next level with the hype it created. Imagine a year and half ago, before this material leaked, if weezy would of dropped this ALBUM. He had nowhere near the BUZZ he has NOW……Though the Material maybe considered better, THE HYPE WASNT…..he wouldnt of made the same IMPACT as he is making NOW.

I think wayne is smart enough to know that….and thats why i think he did, infact, leak those tracks originally….he knew it would help his HYPE MACHINE. if not, then why didnt he diss THE EMPIRE sooner?????


May 31, 2008


Overall, the Album lacks the Firepower you’d expect on such a highly anticipated release.

Production Wise, its average…..Lyrically, Wayne sounds like he freestyled the whole album, doesnt sound like he gave it his all…..but his TRADEMARK SWAGGER still makes what he says “LISTENABLE”.

I think if wayne was a new artist, THIS ALBUM would be considered pretty good…..BUT WEEZY isnt a NEW ARTIST….HES THE SELF PROCLAIMED BEST RAPPER ALIVE, and this isnt the exact reflection of that.

out of 5 stars…..i gave it 3 and a HALF on first listen….a 3.75 on second listen….and then on third listen i thought , maybe 4 stars……

but ill stay with …….3.75 stars

Anticipation Builds…………..
May 30, 2008

I know….all you are anticpating LIL WAYNE’s “THE CARTER III”…..because alot of you grew up on weezy…..and i cant front, i fuck with weezy…..BUT after hearing the leak of his album……Im now on to the next big cd i wanna hear…..

 i grew up on NAS…..truly one of my biggest hip hop influences…..he is set to release the now UNTITTLED new cd, formerly known as “NI***R” …..aka THE N WORD


HIP HOP IS DEAD was a great CD…..I for some reason believe this HERE will BE EVEN BETTER

so for now, until this cd drops on JULY 1st

im bumping this:

May 29, 2008

With Nearly 2 weeks before the set RELEASE DATE , arguably one of the most anticipated albums in years has leaked to the streets….

LIL WEEZY’s THE CARTER 3 is out there………..

personally, i hope fans will BUY this album. I think a strong show at the retail cash registers and Itunes, will show that Economically, with the right artist, HIP HOP IS STILL A MUSICAL FORCE.

props to eskay via on this…….


May 23, 2008


So, im sitting at the crib, fuckin around on the computer and someone email’s me J.ARMZ “HOW TO BE AN MC” instrumental Mixtape….so i listen to a few beats, and slowly begin freestyling…and for some reason i just kept going….then i decided, well, might as well record this….
when i got done, i realized i had gone for almost 17 minutes…..
some of it is really dope to me…some of it, not as much…..and not to ride my own DICK, but some of it is fucking incredible!!! LOL….

DAMN i really love being an MC…….