Question on …..AGAIN!!!
October 17, 2008

My New Joint “Without A Care” featuring Bun B, a mixtape Track we just threw out there to DJ’s, Suddenly hit radio monday night and is already on the countdown.  Then Much to my suprise, i noticed it was featured in the Media zone section on…

August 22, 2008


Question-350 BARS featured on BUCKMARLEYXXX.COM
July 29, 2008

Question -350 Bars featured on ALLHIPHOP.COM!!!!!
July 26, 2008

June 25, 2008

So…i played in PREIST HOLMES celebrity BASKETBALL GAME this weekend…and even being out of “GAME” SHAPE…i put up a respectable 10 points, and 4 rebounds….i also performed at the 210 customs summer bash at live oak civic centre, and then TORE DOWN the after party at club rio!!!
got up with JUICE,a phoenix, AZ’ MC signed to BLACK WALlSTREET……… cat…def. gonna get it in with him in the future and collab

as for, my next release everyone keeps asking about “XANAX 2: The Overdose” …it is coming…i know im taking my sweet ass time and keep pushing it back…BUT I feel the need to GO BIG with this here….
and shipes just keeps sending me more and more tracks for it…..CRAZY TRACKS….some of the illest production i have heard in years. so i am re-directing the feel of it….its almost like directing a FILM. YOU shoot the principle scenes…you edit it….then realize it needs a few extra scenes filmed…and maybe even a better put together climax and ending…you even re write some of the script…and change the camera angles a bit.

i want this to feel like you took the script to the movie “FOREST GUMP” and let Quentin Tarantino re-write it and re-cast it…..imagine JOHN TRAVOLTA as FORREST, and Ving Rhames as Benjamin “BUBBA” Blue…..and Samuel L JAckson playing LT.DAN…..okay…im trippin…but you get the point…..

im taking something that was already considered well put together (XANAX 1) and im re-creating it and adding more special effects…………….more feeling

Xanax 2 will be my CARTER 2… BLUEPRINT……
dont believe ME….youll see….i mean, HEAR

day TWO…let’s get LIFTED…
May 13, 2008

Question – “90! Daze” (90 songs over beats from the 90’s in 90 days)



Keith Murray……what else can i say??? this cat came on the scene and just dropped some of the most complex rhyme patterns and words ever spit….i remember, no lie, when i was a kid, looking half the shit he was saying up in the dictionary. “Get Lifted”” was one of my favorite joints from him…and you can’t ever front on an erick sermon production.

90 daze!
May 4, 2008

I leave for L.A today and wont be back til next Saturday….So i guess i will begin 90 DAZE next saturday…
Brought to you by the Idiots at and D.G.K Clothing …”90 Daze” is my little project im doing just for fun, but thought id share it with the fans….
i will ATTEMPT to record 90 freestyles over nuthin but classic 1990’s beats(NAS, GANGSTARR, OUTKAST, EAZY E, BIG PUN, RAS KASS, WU TANG, EPMD, etc…) and put a new freestyle up on my blog everyday

so thats a new song/freestyle everyday for 90 days…some of them may be actual songs, with hooks and all…some of them may be 24 bars of spit….shiiiit, some of them may be 144 bars of madness

if you have any beats from the 90’s in mind…comment me and ill try to do it….

and since im gonna have to smoke alotta of purple grandaddy kush and sour diesel to accomplish this daunting task, im calling it “90 DAZE”

get ready…
im really about to go in HARD!



oh by the way…every two weeks i will release the previous 2 weeks worth of freestyles as a downloadable mixtape.

“Feeling is Gone” video
May 3, 2008

I love this shit…


Mixtape Download
May 2, 2008

heres some oldie but goodies for yall to enjoy!!!!
my first two mixtapes!