I think T.I is bout’ to drop a classic, HATERZ!!!!
July 3, 2008

TI-WHAT UP(produced By Drumma Boy)

After, hearing the whole NAS Album this morning…I can honestly say NAS did it AGAIN….he created another Gem…and its very daring and brave on his part…hes doing what he wants musically and thats such a beautiful thang….BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING

and after hearing the first four songs leaked off TI’s “PAPER TRAIL”….i feel the storm brewing, that TI MIGHT drop a southern Masterpiece.
he seems to spitting from the gut and the lyrics sound so cleanly written….

watchout HATERZ

May 14, 2008

I can’t front…at times im not the biggest T.I.P fan…yet at other times this cat never ceases to amaze me…”NO MATTER WHAT” is one of those moments (HIS VERSE ON LUPES “SUPERSTAR” REMIX-IS ANOTHER GREAT EXAMPLE) , where homie just delivers the goods.
If this song is any indication of how his “PAPER TRAIL” album will feel….put me down for two copies!